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from Sean & Leigh Anne, a New Jersey couple who is hoping to adopt again. Adoption holds a special place in our hearts. We adopted our daughter almost 4 years ago and bringing her home was by far the most amazing experiences. We are so honored to be chosen to be her parents. She fills our days with such joy and we know that we have room in our hearts and home for another addition to our little family. 


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A Little About Sean 

Written by Leigh Anne

Sean is the funniest man you will ever meet! He keeps me smiling every day. He is a dedicated husband, father and friend. Sean is a jack of all trades - meaning he can honestly do anything he tries. From remodeling projects in our new home to becoming the diaper changing king (LOL) he really takes joy in learning new things. Sean works for a hotel in New York City and is the Union delegate for his department. It says so much that they trust him to hold this position. But that’s Sean. You can trust him to always do the right thing. Did I mention that he’s an amazing Dad? He and our daughter are two peas in a pod. They crack each other up. It’s beautiful to watch. And he’s always full of surprises. Recently, he took a random day off from work to take us to the children’s museum. Just for fun and just because. 


A Little About Leigh Anne

Written by Sean
Leigh Anne is all heart. She will drop everything to help a friend in need. She will go the extra mile to make an event even more special. Birthdays, Christmas, you name it and she will make it the best day. She truly has a compassionate nature. She is always baking sweet treats for me to take to work. Or making fun cards with our daughter to send to family and friends that live far from us. Leigh Anne is a super mom! She is so patient and attentive with our daughter. She is helping mold and raise our daughter to be strong and full of self confidence. Leigh Anne is an advocate in our local community for open ethical adoption practices. It’s become a real passion for her. When she’s not “Moming” she likes to take yoga or work in our front garden. She likes things to be beautiful and feel comfortable. She has turned our new house into a real home that feels welcoming and full of joy. 

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Life Together

Together, our family enjoys simple things - Bikes rides in the huge state park down the street from us, cook outs on a nice summer day, road trips and movie night in our PJs with yummy popcorn. 

We live in a lively and culturally diverse neighborhood. Raising a child of color, we are sensitive to the fact that she will live in a different world than we do. So we fill our lives with friends, teachers and mentors who mirror her. People who lovingly educate us and guide us on how to raise her to be a confident black woman. 

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Sweet Momma,

We truly empathize with you and all that you are considering. Know that should you choose us, we will dedicate ourselves to raise your baby as our own and to the best of our abilities. We have family and friends waiting to love and support whoever joins our family. We will welcome not only your baby into our lives and heart but also you. You will be our extended family (if you want that). And we will always speak to you with the respect you deserve. Your baby will always know his/her story and be encouraged to embrace this special family dynamic. You will hold a special place in our lives. And the child you place with us will be cared for with a fierce and devoted love. 

With love in our hearts to share,

Sean & Leigh Anne

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